Hi. I'm Dr Carlton Coulter - Chartered Clinical Psychologist

I provide highy-specialised psychological therapy for individuals and couples in central London

I place each and every client that I work with at the centre of everything that I do as a therapist. From the moment we first talk on the phone, during our initial meeting, and throughout the process of therapy, I approach each person as a unique individual, with a distinct set of needs for successful therapy. The service that I offer is therefore highly-personalised and is always based on the very latest findings from relevant psychological research. Read More...

Feedback from clients...

"I really liked how Carlton made me feel at ease. It was the first time I had ever seen a therapist, so I felt a bit embarrassed and self-conscious to open-up and share what was going on. Carlton provided an emotional safe-haven."

- P.D.

"Therapy with Carlton has made such an enormous difference, I can't describe how much better I feel. Not long ago I felt very hopeless of finding a therapist who would be able to help me."

- J.T.

"Having therapy with Carlton has enabled me to develop my confidence and be successful when operating in high-stress professional situations.  For the first time I no longer see barriers to me fulfilling my potential and career aspirations."

- T.A.

"Carlton is a great listener. I immediately felt comfortable with him, despite therapy being a new experience.  The sessions were always respectful, non-judgemental, and thought-provoking. I really connected with Carlton, he was not the typical 'stereotype' of a therapist."

- D.M.

"I was self-conscious about my issues seeming trivial or silly, but Carlton took my concerns on board with a seriousness that helped me feel at ease."

- R.M.

"As a result of the sessions with Carlton, I felt a much-needed sense of control during a difficult period of my life.  I became more empowered, less helpless, and equipped with strategies that helped me to cope successfully."

- P.C.

"Carlton helpfully ensured that we established concrete goals for our sessions, but only after he had taken the time over 1-2 sessions to really listen and reflect. I felt his approach was individualized to my circumstances and needs and not a 'copy-paste' job!"

- K.B.

"Carlton is a calming presence and a great listener. I felt able to open-up to him without the fear of being judged.  His questions helped me to understand myself and my behaviour significantly better by the end of therapy."

- V.F.

"I was always comfortable around Carlton, he provided a safe environment to discuss things which were very upsetting, and I always found his presence very soothing."

- R.E.

"Carlton is completely non-judgemental, no matter what you tell him!  Given that I was seeing him for couples therapy I would sometimes wish that he would take sides but he was always impressively neutral without it being annoying!

- I.S.

"As a result of the couples therapy that my then boyfriend and I had with Carlton, we are now planning our wedding!"

- Y.G.

"Whilst having therapy with Carlton I gained a great deal of self-awareness about my issues and how I had developed them in the first place. Together we came up with strategies to identify when I was about to step into unhelpful behaviours and to act in a healthier, more productive, way."

- A.S.

"What I liked most about Carlton was his ability to understand and empathise in a way that undermined the horrible idea that we are alone with our problems. He listened and engaged with genuine interest and more importantly genuine care."

- D.R.

"With Carlton it wasn't just a case of diagnosing and treating, he was also interested in the context and the personal aspect of my problems that meant I felt we were totally on the same page throughout therapy."

- V.E.

"I can say with certainty that if it weren't for having sessions with Carlton I would still be stuck, never leaving the area around my house, whereas now I'm able to live a life that isn't constricted by agoraphobia for which I couldn't be more grateful."

- O.L.

"Therapy with Carlton has helped my husband and I enormously. These days our disagreements are 90% constructive and we are now much more comfortable raising issues with each other before they start to bother us."

- M.F.

"Carlton is an exceptionally knowledgeable clinician.  He is up-to-date and at the forefront of best practice. I always felt his genuine and discerning drive to understand and work with me on all challenges which spanned professional and personal domains."

- L.S.

"During therapy with Carlton I learned how to handle overwhelming emotions and how to keep moving forward in my life. I am stronger, healthier, and happier and I can’t thank Carlton enough. I highly recommend working with him."

- W.M.

"From early on I knew intuitively that I could open-up to Carlton and the result was that I felt understood for the first time in my life. Carlton is someone you can honestly trust. He is open, funny, honest, insightful, and human!"

- D.D.

"I had tried a number of different talking therapies in the past, but having therapy with Carlton was the first instance of working with a therapist where I was able to actually understand and address the downward spiral I was in with anxiety."

- G.M.

"Before meeting with Carlton I had deeply ingrained habits that were ruining my life and my relationships; the tools he gave me helped me to really address these."

- M.B.

"Carlton is a true professional who forever remains consistent and reliable in his approach. He is genuinely compassionate, kind, patient, and an exceptionally good listener."

- R.P.

"Carlton is kind, caring and gentle. He provided a safe environment for me to express my feelings and release my emotions when I felt lost. Carlton made my problems feel like our problems, which helped me to cope when times felt desperate."

- C.H.

"Carlton really helped me to cope with the pain I was feeling and to let go of the anger that I had been carrying around.  I am now a much happier person."

- S.R.

"Therapy with Carlton put my mind at ease and gave me ways to deal with the issues that were troubling me.  Talking everything through helped me to work through my worries and I was then able to put everything into perspective."

- S.A.

"Carlton is very personable and approachable. I immediately took to him and opened-up in a way I had not been able to previously."        

- D.C.

"Carlton was very approachable, warm and welcoming, and the environment was really relaxed.  I very much looked forward to each therapy session."

- A.J.

"Carlton has a really empathetic way of working which put me at ease from the first session. He is also very adept at asking difficult questions and helping you to get to the crux of the issue."

- T.E.

"Carlton is open-minded and attentive, and created an atmosphere that felt incredibly safe to discuss very personal issues."

- T.K.

"I felt that Carlton really cared, and it felt like talking to a friend. It's hard to find a good therapist and I was very happy that I found him!"

- L.P.

"Carlton helped me to realise many things about myself. He was really insightful in helping me to reframe the way I looked at my life."

- P.K.

"I've been doing much, much better since my sessions with Carlton and I have not had a relapse since (after many years in and out of problems prior to starting with Carlton)."

- A.L.

"After therapy with Carlton I now really enjoy my life and I can at last look forward to the future. I am now in a stable relationship and have good friendships. I would 100% percent recommend Carlton to others!"

- J.D.

"Carlton's friendly and compassionate manner always made me feel completely safe and comfortable sharing my inner life with him."

- C.D.

"Carlton really heard what I was saying and I knew my healing process and wellbeing was his absolute priority and focus during all our sessions."

- D.G.

"Before the sessions with Carlton I had been stuck in the same painful cycle for many years but through working with him I was able to start processing past trauma and to start living a full and engaged life."

- O.V.

"Carlton was extremely friendly and supportive whilst working hard to really understand my issues. He made me feel valued and really listened to."

- P.I.

"Carlton has a gift for listening very intelligently, he effortlessly combines empathy with thoughtful analysis."

- C.J.

"Carlton provided me with an opportunity to talk through and discuss how I was feeling and helped me to identify the reasons for this. Carlton also gave me the ability to manage my anxiety more successfully in my day-to-day life.

- P.T.

"Carlton helped me see situations from another perspective and he used really striking analogies to help me to understand things."

- J.H.

"Carlton gave me techniques to cope; to stop letting certain thoughts and events upset and enrage me.  Even though it has now been quite some time since I stopped seeing him, the effective advice he gave is something I very much live by. 

- E.L.

"Carlton has a very professional, calm, and direct manner which meant he was able to challenge the way I thought about my anxiety and its limitations, in order for me to adapt and work differently with this often-crippling emotion."

- H.C.

"Carlton enabled me to talk and be open in a way I had not experienced before. He was great at guiding the sessions and helped me to reach conclusions about events in my life that had caused pain, which then allowed me to move on."

- N.B.

"Therapy with Carlton helped me get through each week and stay strong when I was crumbling under the surface. It allowed me to share how I was feeling and not be judged."

- B.R.

"You can expect Carlton to gently challenge you and effectively handle whatever you throw his way. I was very lucky to find him!"

- N.P.

"Therapy with Carlton involves strong teamwork based on mutual trust and respect. I learned how to be a better person through the approaches and techniques that he used in our work."

- H.R.

"Having therapy with Carlton allowed me to reprogram my mind, my behaviour, and the way I live my life. I was able to find my way out of the hell I was living in and really find myself."

- L.A.

"Before therapy with Carlton I was angry, volatile, full of shame, and paralysed by fear. I came out of therapy more stable and resilient, knowing the true power of self-compassion and self-acceptance."

- T.L.

"I felt comfortable within minutes of being in Carlton’s company.  He seemed like a real person rather than a professional diagnosing me. I felt like he could relate to me and he was extremely professional, but in a fun way!"

- G.D.

Therapy for Individuals in Central London

I provide therapy for individuals who are experiencing either a recognised mental health problem, or other psychological, emotional, or relationship issues. At the outset of therapy I work closely with the client to develop a clear and collaborative understanding of the specific problems that s/he is experiencing, which is then linked to psychological theory to form a detailed plan for subsequent treatment. Read More...

session length

50 Minutes

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Therapy for Couples in Central London

I provide psychological therapy for couples to address a wide-range of relationship issues. Following an initial consultation session with a couple, I usually meet with each person individually to understand her/his own perspective on the issues that the couple are facing, before meeting together again, reviewing the specific problems that have been identified, and then formulating a shared plan for treatment. Read More...

session length

50 Minutes

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