Psychological Therapy for Couples in Central London

I am a highly-experienced clinical psychologist offering couples therapy for a comprehensive range of relationship issues, based in two central London locations.

My Approach to Couples Therapy

When working with a couple, I initially develop a shared and detailed understanding of the relevant issues they are facing and then use this to collaboratively formulate an individualised plan for treatment. This work requires me to adopt a neutral, non-blaming stance, where I hold the perspective of each person in mind and balance the respective needs of each individual.  The next step usually requires me to support the couple to establish effective patterns of communication and behaviour whilst simultaneously starting to address the central problems within the relationship that brought the couple into therapy.

My Experience as a Couples Therapist

Further to my qualification as a clinical psychologist, I undertook additional post-graduate training in the field of Cognitive Behaviour Couples Therapy and I have since worked closely with the originator of this evidence-based therapeutic approach.  For examples of the types of issues that I have experience of working with, please see below.

Commitment Issues
Communication Issues
Family Of Origin Problems
Fertility Issues
Growing Apart
Life-Stage Transition
Maladaptive Behaviour Patterns
Mental Health Issues
Parenting Conflicts
Physical Health Issues
Power Imbalances
Pre-Pregnancy Issues
Separation and Divorce
Sexual Problems

The Practicalities of Couples Therapy

If you and your partner are interested in meeting with me for therapy, we would start by arranging an initial consultation session where you would have the opportunity to ask me any questions that you might have about couples therapy, my approach, or anything else that would be helpful for you to know.  If you then wished to proceed with therapy, we would look to book a regular weekly appointment.

session length

50 Minutes

session frequency


session FEE